Tessel Fakes!

So, you've just listened to another episode of Hanselminutes, this time an episode where Scott interviews Kelsey Breseman about tessel.io. You're stoked! You read through the getting started documentation and continue on to get more and more inspired perusing through the available documentation. At this point, you just want to try something out! "Let me write some awesome JavaScript and interact with the world!" The only trouble is that you don't have a Tessel board on your desk! It'll take days from your purchase to its arrival. The horror!

Fear not! Tessel Fakes will let you ... pretend that you're interacting with the real world as you learn how to best use tessel's available API.

To run your script without a device, you'll need to

  • Install the bits
  • Write some code
  • Install a support package: npm install tessel-fakes
  • Choose whether you'd like to rename the node_modules/tessel-fakes to just tessel, or if you'd rather like to change your code to require('tessel-fakes') instead of just 'tessel'.
  • Run node your_script
Here's a screen shot of what my blinky looks like in action:

Oh, I almost forgot - that's all the support there is in this library at the moment (but feel free to contribute!) - it supports blinky!

Have fun! I certainly had adding this support!

One more thing

As you're getting ready to build code for the newer, Tessel 2, Jon has prepared a virtual machine environment (based on VirtualBox) that you can use for more elaborate testing. Check out the t2-vm repo at github!


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